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DNS Proxy Setup & Configuration

How to change the DNS on your PS4

1. Go to Settings and select Network

2. Select Set Up Internet Connection

3. Select Wired or Wireless

4. If you use a Wireless Network select your Network and enter your WiFi password

5. Select Custom

6. IP Address Setting: Select Automatic

7. Select Do not Specify on DHCP Host Name

8. Select Manual on DNS settings

9. For the Primary DNS enter:

10. Press Next

11. MTU Settings: Select Automatic

12. Proxy Server: Select Do Not Use

You also need to visit our authentication webpage and enter your account details:
(you also can visit this page from your computer or any other device connected to the same network as your PS4)

To get the UK Channels like iPlayer you will have to use a UK PSN account. If you don't have one you can create a UK PSN account using the steps below:

1. Log out (hold PS Button and click log out of console)

2. Create new account. Input your details such as name and age, as you did when you set up your first account but this time select UK as the country.

You need to also enter a UK postcode and UK address.

3. Go to PSN marketplace and download the UK apps.