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Frequently Asked Questions about UK Proxy Service

Note: We offer 24/7 email support so please contact us if you have any issues with the proxy configuration. We can troubleshoot problems and help you choose the best configuration for your device & location.

1. How does the service work?
Once you configure your device to use our proxy you will be able to access geo restricted websites/apps that require you to be located in UK.

2. When will I receive my login details?
Your account will be created immediately after you register. We use an automated process that creates your account instantly. Easy instructions and your login details will be sent automatically by email once you subscribe.

If you do not receive the registration email, please check your junk / spam folder.

3. What Payment options are accepted?
Currently the payments on our website are processed by PayPal. Please contact us if you need a different payment method.

4. How do I cancel my subscription to
You can cancel your subscription at any time from your Paypal account settings. We can also cancel your subscription when you request it.

5. Do you offer any sort of guarantee?
Yes. If for any reason you can't get our system working, you'll be given a full refund.

6. Can I use TV Proxy from any country?
Yes, our service works regardless of your location.
In some countries like United Arab Emirates and Dubai the ISPs are trying to prevent users from using any proxies. We can provide you an alternate proxy configuration method so please contact us if the proxy is not working.

7. Is proxy compatible with social networking websites?
Yes, our proxy offers unrestricted access to all social networking websites (like Bebo, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster,, Orkut or many others) even if your ISP has blocked them.

8. How Can I configure the proxy on my device?
Depending on the device and configuration option you choose you will have to follow different steps.
You can find step by step configuration instructions for your device on our proxy configuration page:

9. How can I authenticate my IP?
The UK Proxy server requires authentication. Please use your username and password received with the registration email.
On computers (PC/MAC/Linux) the authentication works automatically. You will be prompted to enter your username and password as soon as you start browsing.
On other devices that use Apps (TVs/Media Devices/Gaming Consoles) you need to visit our webpage: in order to authenticate your IP.
Hint: You can authenticate your IP from any computer/device connected to the same network as your TV/Media Devices/Gaming Console.
Hint: Choose the option: Stay signed in and you won't have to enter your username and password again.

10. I don't get prompted for my authentication details, what's wrong?
If you are using the Full HTTP proxy configuration you can try to change the port number from port 80 to 3128.
One reason could be that the proxy is not configured correctly. Please check that the proxy configuration was done correctly and contact us if it's still not working.
Another reason could be that the configuration is not set on the active Internet Connection. For example in case you connect a 3G modem to your PC but your proxy configuration was made on your LAN connection.
Hint: Make sure you configured the proxy on your active connection, the one that is in use.
It is also possible that your proxy configuration option is not working on your internet connection, please contact us in order to troubleshoot this further and find a configuration that works for you.

11. How can I remove the proxy configuration from my device?
You will have to go to the Proxy Settings/DNS Configuration on your device (or browser) and remove the Proxy/ DNS configuration.
On some devices you must select a default option like:
  • "No proxy", or
  • "Automatic settings", or
  • Remove the option "Use a proxy server for your LAN check box", or
  • Obtain DNS automatically.
For your device, you can find on our page the steps that guide you to the "proxy settings" location.
Please contact us if you need more details about removing the proxy from your device.

12. ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved, what's wrong?
This usually happens when you are trying to browse the web by loading in your web browser. That is not the correct way to do it.
After you configured the browser to use a proxy you are able to browse the web as before the only difference is that you can bypass the restrictions on the websites that require an UK IP address.
Instead of typing in the address bar you should type the address of the website you are trying to visit, for example:

13. Why do I have problems with the network connectivity?
      Why does the video continuously buffer?
We have high quality proxy servers located in different parts of the UK. For almost all users, our service works flawlessly all the time and the video is smooth with no freezes at all.
If you encounter buffering problems please contact us and we'll provide you another proxy location address.

15. How can I be sure the service will always be available?
We experience almost perfect uptime, and we also offer unlimited bandwidth.

16. How can I tell if it's working?
You can to check your IP address location by visiting one of the following sites:
The DNS Proxy configuration can't be tested with IP address location. With the DNS configuration the IP is changed only for the UK/US Video sites
You can test if it's working on the websites below:

17. How do I configure the US Proxy instead of the UK Proxy?
You receive both UK and US proxy when you subscribe. The same username and password details will work for both UK/US proxy servers.
For more information about the US Proxy configuration please visit:

18. What is IP Authentication?
This method allows you to authenticate the IP that you receive from your Internet Service Provider on our proxy server.
This means that you will not be prompted for authentication as long as you retain the same IP (that was once authenticated).
Also if you are using a local network (router) then all the devices that connect to the internet through that router will be able to use the service. This is helpful for devices that use apps like: Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Media Devices, etc.
As proxy address you have to use:

19. What is Browser Session Authentication?
This method allows you to authenticate one browser and one device on our proxy server.
As proxy address you have to use: